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Mid Century
Modern Remodel

Overlooking the hills of Papago Park,
this 1960s home was a perfect candidate for a major remodel.

Working closely with Nunez Home Development in Scottsdale, the Donna Brann Interiors team assisted in selecting the home and designing and staging the new home’s interior and exterior.

Leaving a single slump block wall running through center of the house created warmth and a strong connectedness in all of the rooms. The team kept a few original elements in the home including the flagstone entry and two vintage pendants in the corner of the great room. Covered in a blue-grey beveled tile with a quartz hearth, the fireplace is the first showstopper in the house. 

The kitchen was transformed with gorgeous flat front wood grain cabinets, touches of black
in the faucets and hardware, contrasting with the white of the countertops and the white
GE café appliances.

The master bedroom was doubled in size by removing the wall between the existing bedroom and an outdoor-only accessible laundry and storage room, resulting in a master sitting room and new walk-in closet as well as a larger gorgeous shower.